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Fencing Options Insulators and Posts


With the fertilizer spread and the grass growing attention shifts to fencing. The all-important art of keeping stock where they should be.

Every farmer has their own way of fencing. There are different ways of doing every part of the job and plenty of tools to do it each way.

The main choice with posts is creosoted vs non creosoted with the creosoted post being a long term solution I’d be disappointed if creosoted posts didn’t last 20 years at least. Of course if you want a temporary electric fence pigtail or poly posts will do the job for you.

We then move onto the wire, the options start to broaden here, between sheep wire, barbed wire, and electric fence wire. Each has their r  ole to play keeping fences right. Sheep wire is the only man when trying to keep them escape artists in, sometimes a row or two of barbed wire is needed too!

When fencing an electric fence there are numerous ways to skin the cat. Of course you have to decide if you’re going battery or mains powered. Mains fencers are typically the safer option as the power in them doesn’t die as happens with battery fencers.

The different insulator types is another quandary. There are the white or black eggs for attaching wire to strainers with the white eggs being able to handle a greater tension. The humble screw in insulator can be replaced by tube insulators or W insulators.


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