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Adlam versatile lambing harness


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The new Adlam Harness combines the best of the BEARIN Prolapse and the ADOPTA Restraint Harness for greater versatility. It is based  on the popular BEARIN Prolapse Harness with a detachable fence strap added. It is a multinational aid that enables effective retention of prolapses and successful lambing without having to remove the harness. Animal welfare and user friendly, the ADLAM Harness can be used year after year. This sturdy and supportive harness is winning praise around the world for its unique and effective design.

The Adlam Harness gives effective, clean and welfare-friendly treatment of prolapses, with the option of restraint for easy follow-up checking after fitting. It provides effective restraint of ewes for mothering on, with smothering of lambs prevented. Ewes with metabolic diseases can be supported on their feet and their lambs are able to suckle and it gives upright support for ewes that have been cast. A very useful addition to any lambing kit.

  • Effective retention of prolapses and sucessful lambing without having to remove the harness.
  • Immobilization to further help in preventing repeat prolapse
  • Easy observation and follow up of animals that have prolapsed
  • Mothering on of lambs, and prevention of smothering
  • Cast ewes to be supported in a upright position
  • Standing support for ewes that are unwell or with metabolic disease
  • Enables restraint of ewes in the field for easier handling.

For prolapsing animals, the ADLAM Harness is used to retain the vagina/uterus either by, fitting ahead of a prolapse or following aseptic reinsertion to hold it in place. Correctly fitted, the harness will not hinder bowel movement or lambing. Rather than just holding a prolapse in place as many other methods do, the ADLAM Harness will work to reduce straining and pain by exerting pressure on key points.