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Electro Power Electric Fence Mains Energizer



Since its introduction onto the Irish market in 1989 Pel Fencing has established itself as the leading brand of Electric Fencing in Ireland.

All Pel Fencers are rated in output joules (the real horsepower of the fencer) and are designed to give enough power on the fence wire to control livestock under extreme vegetation growth conditions (100 OHMS resistance) All Pel Insulators and accessories are designed for use with high powered fencers and ensure power is on the fence wire where it is needed. Pel Fencers and accessories are ideal for Fencing long distances of wire and difficult terrain. Pel Fencing products are ideal for use on Irish Farms where hedges are retained (REPS SCHEME) and our moist climate gives a long growing season.


5.0J, 3.0J, 1.0J


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