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Nutrigain Lamb Thrive



Lamb Thrive is a multi mineral and vitamin boost specially formulated for lambs. It has been proven to provide greater daily live weight gain and improved killing out percentage for growing lambs by Improving feed conversion efficiency. It also improves bloom in fleeces for showing stock. The Inclusion of prebiotics to enhance the immune system to protect against bacterial and infectious mirco-organisms improves overall flock health status with the formulation below. Lamb Thrive is ideal for growing, store and finishing lambs in both pedigree and commercial flocks. Also suitable for breeding rams and showing animals. It has a  Shelf Life of 18 months from date of manufacture. We advise Protecting it from frost and storeing it in original container between 10-25°C. Lamb Thrive is available in  2.5 litre and 1 litre packs with back strap included. Lamb Thrive is perfect for anyone looking to meet the new sheep scheme requirements for giving minerals to lambs pre or post weaning.


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