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Tribovax T



For the active immunisation of cattle to reduce clostridial diseases caused by: C. chauvoei (blackleg), C. septicum (false blackleg), C. novyi (blackdisease), C. haemolyticum (bacterial redwater) and C. tetani (tetanus). Cover a range of clostridial diseases from two small injections

Immunity will transfer to unborn offspring

Zero withdrawal for meat, offal and milk

Vaccinate before the immunity is needed and avoid any loss of performance or health risk

Easy to administer dose with specialised dosing gun



Protect against clostridial diseases such as blackleg and bacterial red water. The primary course of immunization consists of a 2ml initial dose followed by a further 2ml dose six weeks later. In areas of high risk of infection from haemolyticum infection, an initial vaccination regime of two doses of 4ml is recommended. Revaccination is recommended using 2 – 4ml, depending on severity of risk of infection from C. haemolyticum, at intervals of no less than one year.


Use during pregnancy for passive protection of calves, previously vaccinated pregnant cattle should be vaccinated 2-8 weeks before calving. For an optimum immune response, calves from cows vaccinated during pregnancy should not be vaccinated until 8-12 weeks of age. Zero withdrawal for meat offal and milk.”


20ml, 50ml


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